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Please select the option below that best works for you. FULL MEMBERSHIP ($150.00 **) This is a business membership with one designated voting member with three (3) votes and the eligibility to serve on the Board of Directors and any committee. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP ($50.00) Open to civic groups, organizations, and persons not engaged in commercial activities. Entitled to one (1) vote, but not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors. May serve on any committee. INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP ($25.00) Open to all persons who do not represent a business, but who are interested in the betterment of the Williston community through Chamber activities. Not eligible to vote, but may serve on any committee.

Area of Interest

Donations may be made in any denomination you wish i.e. $25.00, $50.00, etc.

Scholarship Fund:
Debt Reduction:
If you choose to make a donation designated as 'other,' please list what that is to be earmarked for here:

Business/Organization Name:
Contact Name:

Instructions: Any full member volunteering (below) 2 hours to a Chamber event or project during the year will receive a $25.00 credit toward the following year’s dues. If you wish to participate in this program please initial below.

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